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FlexStrop.jpg Flex Strop
Designed by the famous knife maker Rich Notto. This is by far the finest leather strop made today. 12 inch length x 1 1/2 width
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SiliconPowder.jpg Silicon Carbide Powder
This fast cutting abrasive powder is excellent for leather strops and leaves a razor sharp edge. 1oz. jar, can also be used with honing oil.
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Dia_Sharp.jpg Diamond Sharpeners
3/4" x 2" Fine diamond pad on a 6" plastic handle. Diamond Sharpener contains millions of diamond crystals which cut in all directions to sharpen Knives, High Speed Drills, Bits, Carbide Tools,Fish Hooks. * Black Handle Course Diamond Sharpener
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PowerStropV.jpg PowerStrop - V Power Strop
The V - Power Strop measures 3 1/2" in diameter with a 1/2" arbor hole and a mandrel with a 1/4" shank for use in power drills. It comes with a block of white rouge. V-Power strop is 1/2" thick.
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